Conference Structure

A half-day will be devoted to each of the four themes, with an introductory keynote speech in plenary.

The plenary will be followed by parallel sessions with oral presentations (each contribution lasting approx. 20 minutes, followed by a discussion of approx. 10 minutes). At the end of the first day, Monday, there will be a poster session of one hour. The second day, Tuesday, will be concluded with four parallel symposia.

The third day of the conference (Wednesday) will be devoted to two separate activities.

1. A workshop on PISA methodology entitled “Multiple Regression and Multi-Level Modelling using PISA data” will be offered by Eveline Gebhardt and Alex Darahanau from ACER. The workshop will take place at the IPN.

2. Furthermore, a morning plenary session will focus on conclusions drawn from the conference discussions, and will focus on

(a) policy questions such as what kind of impact has been achieved, or could be achieved in using the PISA data sets in countries and               

(b) research-oriented questions such as the ways in which research can be beneficial in informing the audience about the further development of PISA.
Representatives from funding agencies will be invited to take a central role in the latter discussion.

The conference will formally close at lunch-time on the third day of the meeting.

The more precise structure of the conference can be found in the Conference Programme.