4 themes build up the framework for conference contributions: Content, Conditions, Methodology and Trends. However, other research results are welcome as long as they present comprehensive analyses of the PISA data.

This theme focuses on domain-related issues, including cognitive and affective outcomes of PISA, the content validity of the study, its relation to the curriculum, comparisons to national assessments etc.

This theme covers research on conditions for the development of literacy competencies on the student, class, institutional (school) and system level (federal or national).

This theme focuses on methodological issues, including item development and quality assurance, translation, IRT modeling and assumptions, statistical analysis and sampling design.

This theme focuses on trends and longitudinal studies, addressing both methodological and content-related issues.

Further topics
Some interesting topics range across the themes mentioned above. These include, for example, research on the impact of PISA in countries and critiques of the PISA approach. Depending on abstract submissions, the scientific advisory and organising group will decide on whether to integrate such topics within the session themes, or to offer a symposium on a particular issue.