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is the capital and most populous city of the northern German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein. Kiel is approximately 90 km to the north of Hamburg and is situated on the south-western shore of the Baltic Sea. Kiel is known for a variety of international sailing events, including the annual Kiel Week at the end of June, which is the biggest sailing event in the world.Kiel Week A number of passenger ferries to Sweden, Norway, and other countries operate from here. Furthermore, a lot of commercial and cruise traffic passes through the Kiel Canal. As 80% of the city was destroyed in the Second World War, the architecture of Kiel is quite new. Kiel is home to the Christian Albrechts University and the University of Applied Sciences and thus has a large student population. When sightseeing in Kiel, a harbour trip is a favourite. For further sightseeing tips, see the links below.

Venue: The conference will take place at the Kieler Schloss, Wall 74 / Eggerstedtstrasse, 24103 Kiel. Although situated on the site of the old Kiel Castle, the present building does not resemble the original. The rooms in the Kieler Schloss provide good views out over the city side harbour. To locate the venue on a map of Kiel, please go to the Accommodation page.

Getting to Kiel: Kieler Schloss
Kiel is easily accessible from Hamburg international airport with the Kielius bus which goes direct from Hamburg airport to Kiel main bus station approximately once every hour. Although much smaller, it is also possible to fly to Luebeck airport from international destinations. To get from Luebeck airport to Kiel, it is necessary to first take a bus or train to Luebeck main train station and then a train to Kiel. Kiel is well serviced and easily accessible by rail. Kiel is approximately one hour away from both Hamburg or Luebeck by train. Kiel is near to the A7 motorway and is well sign-posted when travelling by car.

Tips for travellers:

-          Although Kiel is used to having many foreign visitors (particularly from Scandinavia) and most people in the service industry speak English, credit cards are not accepted in many places. There are, however, several ATM machines located throughout the city from which cash (euro) can be withdrawn with international credit cards.

-          September can be a particularly scenic time of year to visit Kiel as there are lots of deciduous trees whose leaves provide a splendid picture in autumn. The weather usually starts to get chilly in September. A valued accessory in Kiel is always, however, a good raincoat.

-          The city centre of Kiel (Holsten street, old market etc.) is not particularly lively in the evenings once the shops have closed (approx. 19.00 ). Nevertheless, most restaurants and pubs are open very late and also serve food until quite late (approx. 23.00). There is a wide variety of types of cuisine available - from Italian to Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Greek etc. Kiel has its own brewery (at the old market) where traditional German food is also served. Most restaurants and bars have waitress service and it is customary to give a small tip.-          

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